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Residential Administration
We use experience of a comprehensive knowledge of facility management for effective Residential Administration.

Residential Administration despite some specifics is an organic part of facility management. Our extensive experience in providing a broad portfolio of services within facility management is preferred in favour of residential management and the management of the buildings by property owners. Based on this we can raise the standards of Residential Administration to higher and more comprehensive levels.

We put emphasis on areas that critically affect the comfort of use and operation of housing and business premises:

  • smooth handling of administrative and economic activities associated with ownership of houses and flats
  • transparency in the management of funds entrusted to the owners
  • a comprehensive technical and economic efficiency, technical reports from all construction, technology and land lots regarding residential complexes
  • carrying out reconstruction, innovation and change in construction technology or partial reconstruction of houses and apartment buildings
  • providing individual services associated with the use of dwellings and business premises.
  • operational and regular communication with owners of apartments and business premises to ensure feedback - On-line response to the legitimate and recognized contractual requirements
  • co-trustee in the exercise of responsibility for recovery and overall physical condition of the apartment building and performance associated with the use and operation of housing and non-residential areas, in relation to Act No. 182/1993 Coll. which falls into the property owners remit, regarding non-residential area.
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