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Property & Facility Management

Within property and facility management our company provides and offers its clients services in the areas of:

  1. Building technology management (so-called hard services)
  2. Regular operation services (so-called soft-service)
  3. Administrative services
  4. Other special and specific services

1. Building technology management (so-called hard services)

a)  comprehensive management on building equipment, including servicing, professional inspection and testing, maintenance, emergency services and the management agenda for:
    o   gas, gas distribution
    o   electricity, cabling and electrical wiring, lighting,
    o   air handling and air conditioning, water and water treatment, sanitation,
    o   heating and heat sources - boilers, chimneys and ventilation,
    o   backup generator and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply),
    o   elevators and conveyors,
    o   safety Systems (electrical security alarm), fire security (electronic protection system and fire alarms),
    o   automatic gate systems, access control
    o   waste management,
    o   etc.

b)  Management and operation of building technology
    o   continuous dispatching,
    o   central control and management system,
    o   energy management,
    o   security professionals in relation to fire, engineers, equipment technicians, administrators
    o   etc.

2. Regular operation services (so-called soft-service)

a)  central services of the daily operation
    o   interior and exterior cleaning,
    o   winter maintenance, garden service and maintenance of green areas,
    o   protection of equipment, receptions, or Main area Central Secretaries,
    o   DTP (desktop publishing), graphic design and printing services,
    o   postal services, and Master Data Link service, freight forwarding and courier services,
    o   secretarial services, office supplies and their distribution,
    o   archiving services,
    o   training and performance of Health & Safety and Fire Prevention, a security specialist,
    o   IT management, transport services, fleet management, reconstruction, moving, etc.

b)  space planning and inventory management
    o   analysis and organization of spaces,
    o   standardization of work,
    o   recording and allocation of jobs, services,
    o   logistics, dislocation and migration,
    o   comprehensive management of equipment and other movable objects or property

3. Administrative services

    o    processing of legal documentation of the managed properties,
    o    agenda management of the building components operation and maintenance,
    o    electronical administration of the documents,
    o    administration of leases, tracking costs, a breakdown, reminders,
    o    administration, control and optimisation of operating costs,
    o    administration of contracts, negotiating and monitoring of contractual obligations,
    o    agenda of human resource management including training and educational activities,
    o    management of occupational health,

4. Other special and specific services

    o    comprehensive management of the property, including their selection, hiring and handling,
    o    creation and implementation of projects outsourcing,
    o    processing of architectural designs of buildings and their interiors,
    o    advice on construction law and zone planning,
    o    advice and consultancy activities in capital construction design,
    o    advisory and management services in the preparation of engineering, management and provision of restoration and building,
    o    logistics services in strategic and tactical planning of equipment, move and dislocation,
    o    energy consulting, energy services, audits of heat sources,
    o    manufacture and sale of heat or lease of heat energy sources,
    o    studies on the utilization of properties,

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