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Project Management

Help clients develop and implement new premises and facilities

General procedures applied in the course of a project

    o   the coordination and cooperation between all parties at each stage of preparation, execution and delivery
    o   communication and ongoing information of the client about the process
    o   consulting on behalf for the customer during all phases of implementation
    o   quality control of supplies and works
    o   acceptance of work on behalf of the client during the implementation in stages I. to V.

Start and the project preparation   

    o   preparation of the contract between client and supplier
    o   insurance of the realization required by building owners
    o   familiarity with the standards and requirements of the customer and the building owner, evaluation of 
         the standards and requirements of the client and the building owner to their mutual agreement in compliance with legislative requirements
    o   development of the timetable and control of work
    o   elaboration of the draft budget, its monitoring and evaluation

Pre-project preparation

    o   coordination and assistance in the elaboration of disposition studies for clients in order of efficient use of space
    o   coordination and assistance with technical and technological equiping
    o   coordination and assistance in selecting and delivering internal equipment
    o   coordination and assistance in selecting above standard and nonstandard equipment and accessories
    o   coordination of architects, designers and contractors and subcontractors


    o   coordination and assistance in the evaluation of the design (feasibility drawings)
    o   evaluation and comparison of project documentation to client requirements, standards and building restrictions of the property owner
    o   securing of the approval for project documentation from the customer and the building owner

Preparation for the implementation

    o   selecting and providing the suppliers
    o   conclusion of contracts with suppliers
    o   preparation of budget for the implementation
    o   implementation schedule development


    o   managing the contract work and services
    o   organization of the parties and suppliers
    o   organization and control of the operations on the spot according to the building diary in accordance with the timetable
    o   quality control on performance
    o   performance of construction supervision (by a person authorized to perform the activities of construction supervision)
    o   providing coordination of the implementation according to additional requirements of the customer
    o   gradual acceptance of works, supplies and performance of each supplier  
    o   supervision and monitoring of the removal of any defects
    o   administrative tasks associated with the billing process in terms of budget control
    o   handover of works to client

Project evaluation

    o   cooperation with the building owner to obtain the approval decision and permit for the use of the premises.
    o   take over of copies of the actual project
    o   take-over of certificates, manuals, audit reports, protocols and other relevant technical documentation
    o   evaluation and closing of the budget
    o   evaluation and closing of the project
    o   monitoring and debugging of any defects with in time of warranty
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