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Meeting of Slovak Association of Facility Management (SAFM) and IFMA CZ board members.

Following an invitation of pitSoftware from the Czech Republic, an honorable member of SAFM, the first official meeting of SAFM and IFMA CZ board members took place in moravian city Mutěnice on 6th October 2011.

During an informal meeting, the representatives of both associations shared information about their work, that where inspiring for both parties.

Founded in 2000, IFMA CZ highlighted an annually held event „Týden IFMA“ (IFMA week) from among the rich portfolio of activities they perform. They have also provided an interesting insight about education in FM area in Slovakia as well as in the Czech Republic where apart from Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Economics in Prague, there has been an ongoing accredited bachelor curriculum at Faculty of civil engineering of VŠB (University of technology) in Ostrava for a number of years.

SAFM mostly informed about their plan to hold the first professional conference in beginning of June 2012 in Bratislava.

IFMA CZ and SAFM representatives have concluded the meeting was benefitial to both parties and agreed to meet in the future.

doc.Ing.Viera Somorová PhD.    
president of SAFM


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