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Facility management conference 2011

Bratislava, Slovakia hosted 9th Facility management conference with foreign participation on October 5th - 6th 2011.

SSTP (Slovak Society for Environmental Technology) ZSVTS (Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies) Bratislava,
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of civil engineering in cooperation with The Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers
supported by Slovak Association of Facility Management (SAFM)

Technical supervisors:

prof. Ing. Dušan Petráš, PhD.
doc. Ing. Viera Somorová, PhD.

General sponsors of the conference:
SOMAT Group a.s.,
Doprastav a.s.  

Doc.Ing.Viera Somorová PhD, president of SAFM says:

Facility management is currently considered to be an important service that provides an important conribution to performance of businesses. It allows the management an efficient conduct of core business activities while shielding them from burden of supporting and operational work. In the present economic environment hit by the financial crisis, the facility management is becoming highly appreciated method of operation.

9th Facility management conference was divided into 5 work groups:
1.    Facility management
2.    Building management  
3.    Building operation, repairs and maintenance
4.    Management of utilities
5.    Information technologies

The aim of the conference was to provide FM professionals with an insight about modern trends in the area. Lecturers have presented a great deal of interesting news in their lectures such as pending work on european norm of FM, Environment, Health and Safety as part of building management and maintenance and many other topics.

Special foreign guests attended the conference.
Doc. Bessonov, CSc. from Faculty of economics and management in Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation) and arch. Ognyanova from Bulgaria informed about the present status of FM business in their countries.
Prof. Redlein from University of Technology in Vienna explained a principle of FM operation at his workplace.
During conference breaks the participants had an opportunity to share experience and exchange contacts.

General sponsors of the conference were SOMAT Group a. s. and Doprastav a. s. It was to them and other sponsors the participants owed further insights into the FM area as well as the opportunity to spend enjoyable time during informal meetings that took place after the oficial agenda of the conference.


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